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Indium(III) selenide

|Section2={{Chembox Properties | Formula = In2Se3 | MolarMass = 466.516 g/mol | Appearance = black crystalline solid | Density = 5.80 g/cm³ | MeltingPtC = | BoilingPt = | Solubility = }} |Section3={{Chembox Hazards | MainHazards = | FlashPt = | AutoignitionPt = }} }} Indium(III) selenide is a compound of indium and selenium. It has potential for use in photovoltaic devices and it has been the subject of extensive research. The two most common phases, α and β, have a layered structure, while γ is a "defect wurtzite structure." In all, there are five known forms (α, β, γ, δ, κ).Crystal structure of κ-In2Se3. Jasinski, J.; Swider, W.; Washburn, J.; Liliental-Weber, Z.; Chaiken, A.; Nauka, K.; Gibson, G. A.; Yang, C. C. Applied Physics Letters, Volume 81, Issue 23, id. 4356 (2002) The α- β phase transition is accompanied by a change in electrical conductivity.Some Electrical and Optical Properties of In2Se3 D. Bidjin, S. Popovi , B. Elustka Physica Status Solidi (a) Volume 6, Issue 1 , Pages 295 – 299 The band-gap of γ-In2Se3 is approximately 1.9 eV. The crystalline form of a sample can depend on the method of production, for example thin films of pure γ-In2Se3 have been produced from trimethylindium, InMe3, and hydrogen selenide, H2Se, using MOCVD techniques. Growth of single-phase In2Se3 by using metal organic chemical vapor deposition with dual-source precursors Chang, K. J.; Lahn, S. M.; Chang, J. Y. Applied Physics Letters, Volume 89, Issue 18, id. 182118 (3 pages) (2006).

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