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Naphthoquinone is a class of organic compounds derived from naphthalene. Three isomers are normally discussed: Naphthoquinones are also a class of natural phenolic compounds formed on a C6-C4 skeleton.

Natural products

, a compound found in black walnut]]

Synthetic chemicals

Uses as chemical precursors

Naphthoquinone can be used for the full synthesis of opiates (Gates synthesis), but it is a tedious and uneconomical process. Therefore, most of the opiate-type analgesics in use today are either directly extracted from Papaver somniferum or synthesized from the natural opiates, mainly from thebaine. Synthesis of morphine alkaloids Presentation School of Chemical Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign retrieved 12-02-2010 Diazonaphthoquinone is a diazo derivative of naphthoquinone.

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