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Pinchas Toledano

Pinchas Toledano is the current Haham ( Chief Rabbi) of Amsterdam and of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of the Netherlands. He is also the official Chief Rabbi of the Beth Din in The Netherlands.


He attended various yeshivot in England and Israel, receiving semicha at age 20. In 1969 he received a BA Hons in Semitics from London University. In 1980 he received a PhD from London University. In 1974 was appointed Dayan of the Sephardi Community of London and in 1980 was Av Bet Din. In 1998, he was appointed Dayan of the Dutch Sephardi Beth Din. He was appointed as Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese community of the Netherlands in 2012. Jewish Chronicle


  • Dayan Toledano, Pinchas, Fountain of Blessings, Code of Jewish Law (four volumes), Mekor beracha: Jerusalem 2009.
  • Haham Dr. P. Toledano, Berit Shalom, Rabbinical Responsa, 3 volumes.
  • Haham Dr. P. Toledano, The Bene Israel of India.

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