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Titanium(III) oxide

|Section2={{Chembox Properties | Formula = Ti2O3 | MolarMass = 143.76 g/mol | Appearance = violet black powder | Odor = odorless | Density = 4.49 g/cm3 | Solubility = insoluble | MeltingPtC = 2130 | MeltingPt_notes = (decomposes) | BoilingPt = | MagSus = +125.6·10−6 cm3/mol }} |Section7={{Chembox Hazards | EUClass = not listed }} }} Titanium(III) oxide ( Ti2 O3) is a chemical compound of titanium and oxygen. It is prepared by reacting titanium dioxide with titanium metal at 1600 °C. Ti2O3 has the Al2O3, corundum structure. It is reactive with oxidising acids. At around 200 °C there is a transition from semiconducting to metallic conducting. Natural titanium(III) oxide is known as the extremely rare mineral tistarite.Mindat, http://www.mindat.org/min-38695.html


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