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Triphenylmethyl hexafluorophosphate

|Section2={{Chembox Properties | Formula = C19H15F6P | MolarMass = 388.31 g/mol | Appearance = brown powder | Density = | Solubility = | MeltingPtC = 145 | BoilingPt = | Viscosity = }} |Section7={{Chembox Hazards | ExternalSDS = linkhttp://www.chemcas.com/material/cas/archive/437-17-2.asp | RPhrases = , , , , }} }} Triphenylmethyl hexafluorophosphate is an organic salt with the formula (C6H5)3CPF6. It is a brown powder that hydrolyzes readily to triphenylmethanol. Triphenylmethyl hexafluorophosphate is used as a catalyst and reagent in organic syntheses.


Triphenylmethyl hexafluorophosphate can be prepared by combining silver hexafluorophosphate with triphenylmethyl chloride: AgPF6 + (C6H5)3CCl → (C6H5)3CPF6 + AgCl A second method involves protonolysis of generating triphenylmethanol : HPF6 + (C6H5)3COH → (C6H5)3CPF6 + H2O

Structure and reactions

Triphenylmethyl hexafluorophosphate readily hydrolyzes, in a reaction that is the reverse of one of its syntheses: (C6H5)3CPF6 + H2O → (C6H5)3COH + HPF6 Triphenylmethyl hexafluorophosphate has been used for abstracting hydride. Treatment of metal-alkene and diene complexes one can generate allyl and pentadienyl complexes, respectively. Triphenylmethyl perchlorate is a common substitute for triphenylmethyl hexafluorophosphate. However, the perchlorate is not used as widely, because, like other organic perchlorates, it is potentially explosive.

Triarylmethane dyes

Triarylmethane dyes are derivatives are stabilized version of the trityl cation, so much so that they are water-soluble and are often obtained as the chloride salts. These dyes have strong electron donor groups, often amines, at the p-positions of two or three of the aryl groups.Thomas Gessner and Udo Mayer "Triarylmethane and Diarylmethane Dyes" in Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry 2002, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim. Image:Methyl Violet 10B.png| Crystal violet. Image:NewFuchsineStructure.png| New fuchsine dye. File:Pararosaniline.png| Pararosaniline

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